The success of web applications and websites depends in how effective the User Interface design is. Designing a good user interface however is a very challenging task. Above anything else, the designer has to focus his attention towards giving the end-user a great experience with the system. Whether the designer is working on a website, a mobile application, or a game interface it is always a must that the convenience of the user is given paramount importance.

A nice presentation of user interface elements that provides a very dynamic interaction thus, is what is ideal in every web application and systems ought to be launched for public use. This is beyond what clever coding and interesting color scheme can do. Above all, the designer must be able to place himself on the perspective of the users who have not used the system yet, and not be tempted by the lure to create designs that would impress geeks. A good user interface for usage of the general public allows people to navigate the system or application without reading manuals or receive complex training. This is true not only in the design of computers but also in equipment like aircraft, audio system, airport control system, and other computer related gadgets. Indeed user interface can have a direct impact as to whether or not the people will patronize the product or reject it. If the end-users would feel that the product is hard to operate or too cumbersome, a top-notch product would still fail.

In this article, we are sharing with you some user interface designs that not only allow easy navigation or use of the end-users but also ones that can encourage them to use the system. These designs can be used as an inspiration in your efforts to make your projects more user-friendly. Here you can find UI designs for audio and video applications, mobile systems, game apps, web interfaces and etc.  Some of these interfaces are functional and some are conceptual designs yet. Either way, they are a good source of idea for your next UI design. We hope that this article can help you in your design projects. Happy viewing!

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Excellent User Interface Designs You Must See

1. GUIFX Elements Pack “Dean” – User Interface Design by Pureav


2. Complete Tablet Interface – User Interface Design by Vladedimovski


3. Battlenoid GUI by Pixelbudah


4. VSTream Pro plugin GUI by Lakmus


5. Media Player GUI by Flark


6. Psyunit by Pureav


7. Deana Touchscreen GUI by Guifx

8. Advanced Fictional GUI, 2045 A.D. : The Zanimation Starship Mainframe by z-design


9. Tech UI Elements by cyrixDesign


10. Flash music player GUI by davituri


11. Browse Games by Pixelbudah


12. mobiPOS app iOS UI design by mrlash


13. Google Nexus One Redux .PSD  – User Interface Design by Zandog


14. Picking Teams by Ibrahim Nisar


15. Windows Mobile Concept UI by Pokehkins


16. Web Interface by Shandsl


17. WP7 – Departure 2 by KingyoART


18. Music Application for iPhone


19. DrinQuest/Mobile Interface  – User Interface Design by Musho


20. Linkpad Interface by Ryan Jones


21. Where To? by FutureTap


22. Radiopad – Touch User Interface


23. Noteshelf by Toffeenut


24. Sourcebits Nerve Music Store by Sourcebits


25. Batman Begins  – User Interface Design by Skins Factory


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Author : Sonny Day


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