Vintage and Retro has been a new trend in web design for quite some time. These old and retro styles tend to make the website stands out from the cloud and can be effective at attracting visitors’ attention.

There are a lot of elements that can be used to replicate a vintage and retro design. For example, old style typography, old posters, movies, handwriting fonts, old packaging and much more that can easily be created with the right Photoshop vintage brush sets. Whether you are looking to create a some what retro website with the use of single elements like vintage typography or color schemes, or whether you want to create a design that will take you completely back in time, using vintage and retro styles can be both fun and challenging.

In this article, I would like to concentrate on some awesome and cool vintage and retro inspired designs. Although these styles are from different era’s, they all have an old-fashioned feel to them. In this collection of websites you will see some great designs that will leave you in awe. I hope that these amazing examples will inspire you if ever you will pick a retro design.

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Prahba Web Design – MORE INFO


This design firm for online businesses guarantees good-looking designs. Their site shows a classic lady that somewhat looks like entertaining the audience.

Jackson Fish Market – MORE INFO


Jackson Fish Market is not really and literally a marketplace for fishes. It is a retro inspired page that helps companies whether large or small to improve their sites.

This is Tommy – MORE INFO


A two columned retro portfolio website design that is perfect for selling or advertising hip musical songs like The Beatles and the likes.

Small Stone – MORE INFO


Small Stone features amazing designs that utilizes the creativity of the mind. They have vintage and retro inspired site and they produces quality output.

The Literary Bohemian – MORE INFO


The literary bohemian style is hip. It features poetry, postcard prose, travel notes, signs of life, lodging and many more others to explore.



Indeed vintage. If you want to see some old and or classic stuff with a lot of images to choose from, visit ISO50.

Dallas Advertising – MORE INFO


This inspired website design has a nice classical music introduction. They have an awesome vintage and retro inspired website designs.

Team Fortress 2 – MORE INFO


Blood feud in the badlands is what this site’s heading says. You can see its coolness by the design they show. The theme color will also remind you on taking sides between two opposing teams. Really team fortress.

Level2d – MORE INFO


This site offers to design and develop pages. They listen to what their clients tell them. Then, they plan it out and produce the desired output. They have nice designs that are nice to look at.

The Dollar Dreadful – MORE INFO


Established in 1882, their concept has gone long throughout the history. The Dollar Dreadful’s layout and overall website design will tell you that having black and white and its contrast still have the perfect appearance of what we mean by “classy”.

Team Fannypack – MORE INFO


The Team Fannypack is already a two-time receiver of best team attire. They feature some comic and some other helpful services even donating to charities! Visit their page to learn more.

The Hipstery – MORE INFO


Hipstery will give you vintage and retro web designs that features many patterns, people, icon, and some places.

What Is Your Problem – MORE INFO


This site will offer you a guaranteed 100% accurate diagnosis of your psychological aspect. They aim to let you understand the world around you. They also feature the work of Freud, Jung and more.

Huxley Prairie Fextival – MORE INFO


Huxley Prairie displays almost like a boy band style of design. Actually, they do really feature a boy band.

Vintage Clothing – MORE INFO


Buy vintage clothing is what it says. See somewhat old products with designs that are “in” to the market today.

Flatwoods Folk Art – MORE INFO


This work of art features Lesley Venable. They have a shop section, online classes, blogs, charity works and many more to look at.

The Wayward Irregular – MORE INFO


The Wayward Irregular will give you bunch of good essays and stories. They have Matthew Norman a famous author to strengthen their online presence.

Kultika – MORE INFO


This site features some vintage design with a dash of some colorful tone.

The Antique Piano Shop – MORE INFO


The Antique Piano Shop ship overseas. They aim to provide the best service of restoring and preserving irreplaceable instruments so anybody can enjoy.

Sensi Soft – MORE INFO


Sensi soft is a global service company that specializes in advertising. They have a retro inspired website design with animations.

Site Web Viareggio – MORE INFO


This page is in Italian. They have the typical black and white design that is mostly simple. Their site looks simple and elegant.

Stolen Design – MORE INFO


Stolen design displays a hip-looking design that is cool with its shades of grey and black.

Amelia Earhart Book – MORE INFO


This page is dedicated to Amelia Earhart or to the fanatics. It has a classic Amelia Earhart’s self-directed and unafraid aura.

Cottonseed Oil – MORE INFO


This site features the cottonseed oil’s come back in the culinary world. While it does, their site also looks wonderful with the different combinations of images and colors.

Maryland Magician Baltimore Washington DC Area – MORE INFO


Magic and mystery is what they offer. The website also looks and feels like magical and mysterious with its centered image surrounded with black shade.

The Retrovert – MORE INFO


The Retrovert has all that’s old and fit to print. Having a retro-style website design, their site is a good source of retro graphics that have been carefully restored.

Mister Aero – MORE INFO


This page is basically in German. Of course, you can always have it set to your own language or dialect depending on your browser settings. This type of design depicts a classic-type hero or cartoon character in simply put designs.

Style 4 U – MORE INFO


A classical Italian style with a touch of pink and white is what this page has to show. Remember those telephone calls setting in classic?

Lataka Disseny – MORE INFO


Their page is in Catalan. They mainly offer colorful and images or illustrations with shapes round and edgy.

Ernest Hemingway – MORE INFO


Are you a fan of Ernest Hemingway? The Ernest Hemingway Collection will give you more of a literary feeling aura. See it to believe it.

This By Them – MORE INFO


This retro inspired web design features handcrafted things. They proudly presents different products and work of art out from a real drawing by hand.

The New York Moon – MORE INFO


The New York Moon Features a New Yorker style retro designed images. They mainly have the radio style craft.

Media Boom – MORE INFO


Media Boom has a nice animated introduction. It shows a meticulously crafted vintage design that will surely look good in any screen type.

Thrush Exhaust – MORE INFO


Thrush Exhaust possess wonderful colors. It uses a nice combination of color palette that creates somewhat an illusion.

Thunderfuel – MORE INFO


Their trademark is their good to look at games, animations, web designs, propaganda and many more. They also have a tab button for those who are looking for jobs.

Orlando FL – MORE INFO


By having Fisticuff Design for your design related needs, you will be assured of quality designs that will suit your needs. Their designs are ranging from the vintage to contemporary ones.

Blue Moon Dueling Piano Bar and Restaurant – MORE INFO


The background bricks reminds us of the old infrastructures which gives the website an old or vintage layout.

Css Tinderbox – MORE INFO


The template is basic and raw because its supposed to be. Vintage template are simple which can help you build your features and ideas.

Fred Perry – 100 Years – MORE INFO


Designs from Fred Perry connotes some British classic youth culture. This site shows iconic designs as they portray youthful life of the past several years in U.K.

Tennessee MORE INFO


The website design is good for traveling agencies because the layout gives you the feeling of a summer vacation around the world.

This Land Is Hovland – MORE INFO


Your virtual experience in Hovland will take you to a surrounding full of nice views. This site offers wonderful scenes depicting the beauty of nature and the like.

Tradition Threads – MORE INFO


A single columned website perfect for showcasing your photos or portfolio.

Mom & Popcorn – MORE INFO


This vintage inspired website looks very attractive in selling their products online. You will feel like you have time travelled to the past.

Rejected robot – MORE INFO


Rejected robot really looks like a design coming from the early 50’s, 60’s or 70’s where images are a bit blurry and grayish.

Big State Game – MORE INFO


Big State Game will give you more of a country feeling. They even have a music playing in the background when you open their site.

The Vintage Catering Co. – MORE INFO


The Vintage Catering Company shows what pure vintages should be. They generally feature some designs of old cars and some other stuff in their site. Nonetheless, they guarantee of helping you out in generating more revenue. See their page to find out more.

Lord Likely – MORE INFO


The astonishing adventure of Lord Likely is the very heading of this page. It has a newspaper-like craft that fits perfectly to its featured images.

Forty Seven Media – MORE INFO


FortySeven Media proudly presents that their clients love them. Their customers liked their page as they have cool websites, brands and a lot of designs. They are composed with a team of professional designers and web developers.

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Author : Dustin Betonio


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