In the latter 19th century a wanted poster were used to let the public know of a suspected criminal whom the law in force wanted to catch dead or alive.

In the 19th century though, the person’s image was seldom on the poster because most people at the time already knew who the fugitive was. But to add some fun to the poster in present time the wanted poster template collection showcased here all make use of a personal photo.

Most of the wanted posters in this article are inspired by the real 19th century “Wanted” posters and some of the templates are more Clint Eastwood than John Wayne style and vice versa, it’s a matter of personal choice. But common to most of them are the yellowish, dirty and overall faded look with genuine bullet holes, worn paper edges, paper creases, realistic fonts, weather beaten and high contrast colors. Some of them are even hung on a stable-like wall for extra authenticity.

If you want to get that real-world, hardcore, old and dirty wanted poster look you can edit and tweak just the way you like, you should opt for premium templates which offers a genuine style with loads of editing options. They are made in Adobe Photoshop psd format offering you much more advanced editing options like layers, colors, special effects and genuine fonts. With premium templates you get well organized psd’s, instructions for advanced editing and psd’s tweaked for use in a printing press with CMYK colors and high resolution/dpi for a perfect result. Free templates often don’t offer these kind of features and are often only editable in MS Word/Publisher or as jpg images with low resolution or dpi not suitable for a printing press.

In this article I present a mix of 11 free and premium wanted poster templates and I think many of these look awesome and offers just what you need in order to complete your personal most wanted poster project. Please feel free to leave a comment. Let the hunt begin!
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Premium Wanted Poster Template Collection

Old “Wanted” Poster – Editable

Old "Wanted" Poster – Editable

This awesome premium template is amongst the best “wanted” poster templates available. It’s based on the real 19th century “Wanted” posters with a John Wayne kind of style – setting the scene if you’re looking for something that will look authentic. It’s got that yellowish faded look with genuine bullet holes, worn paper edges and blood spatter that will make it stand out from the rest!

It’s a psd template matching the real-world fonts from that era and it treats your imported photos just the same – turning them monochromatic with a strong contrast. You can change almost everything in this template making it an obvious choice.

8.5×11 Poster “Wanted”

8.5x11 Poster "Wanted"

This is yet another outstanding premium wanted poster template but with a much more old and dirty look. It’s darker than any other template available and it changes your regular photo into an old, dirty image for that truly genuine style. This template includes everything you can wish for for a “Wanted” poster and you can add/remove and move layers like bullet holes, blood spatters, grunge textures and paper creases around. You can change colors and text to your liking.

You can tweak and adjust almost anything in this psd template. It has nicely organized and marked layers, movable elements and illustrated instructions. It also includes the real-world fonts to download for free. So if you’re looking for a Clint Eastwood kind of style wanted poster template this is the perfect choice!

Wanted Poster 8.5×11 for Singles and Couples V2.0

Wanted Poster

If you’re on the look for a template that can display more than one picture this is a great choice. It has two templates – one for singles and one for couples. Just put in your own photo or photos and the automatic photo aging process will make it look “vintage” and old. It’s easy to modify and insert photos, you can re-type text and download the fonts used for free.

The Wanted Template

The Wanted Template

Hung on a stable wall and with it’s real-world weathered look of torn edges, bullet holes, yellowish faded and high contrast colors this template is a safe choice for those of you who want a clean, not too dirty-looking wanted poster for your project.

This psd file is setup at 1275x1875px CMYK 300dpi. The psd file is very organized with color-coded groups and appropriately named layers. This template will make you able to create several unique looks just by turning layers on or off.

Wanted Poster On Wood Wall

Wanted Poster On Wood Wall

This is a simple yet powerful and stylish premium template with an authentic look. It features worn paper edges, nails, yellowish color tone and bullet holes on a wooden wall of boards. If you like a more clean and non-dirty poster this is a great template.

It’s made in Adobe Photoshop with layers which are grouped. There’s plenty of adjustment possibilities using this template and it includes a flat full version of the poster, a flat version without the text and an isolated layered version with single design elements.
‘Trust’ Wanted poster is a perfect free jpg template if you’re on the search for a genuine and weather beaten look. It has got a nice realistic font style with a real faded, torn and dirty style. Use it for your personal most wanted project and you’re sure to catch your criminal.

Free Wanted Poster Template Collection

Free ‘Trust’ Wanted Poster WIP

Free Wanted Poster template

Free Wanted Poster template

This free template is made for Microsoft Word which makes it easy to add your own photo. It’s a pretty clean and simple template with a regular font style. It’s got cut edges, nails and a yellow color tone. You can do additional editing of the template as a jpg image in Adobe Photoshop if you like.

Free Wanted poster template


This is a nice free template including a jpg image file which can be used in any photo editing program to add your preferred picture of your criminal! It’s got a pretty authentic look with guns, old and dirty paper with bullet holes and a real-world font style perfect for a wanted poster.

Free Wanted Poster template

Free Wanted poster template

If you’re more into a clean look, this free and very simple template with a wooden board as background is a possible choice. It’s easily to edit in Microsoft Word.

Free Publisher Wanted Poster template

This weather torn and old looking wanted poster template is made in Microsoft Publisher 2007 for easy editing. It’s free and is perfect if you quickly want to make a persons most wanted poster!

Free Wanted Poster Template MS Word

This a free template made in Microsoft Word 2007 making it very easy to adjust for most people. It’s got that yellow color tone and cut edges and corners to make that special wanted poster style. Just put in your photo and you’re good to go.

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