Want to give regular weather updates on your websites? There are actually many ways to do it, but if you want something which is catchy and attractive, without occupying much space, you can use appropriate weather icons in a strategic location of your web page. While you can create your own weather icon design following icon tutorials, there are a lot of items available for free on the Internet. Whether you are a UI designer working on a weather oriented app, a web designer, an infographic artist or print media illustrator, you will really find it helpful to have ready-to-use free items around like e.g. weather icon sets.

If you like icons, and find yourself using them a lot, make sure to check out the thousands of fully-licensed premium examples found over at Envato Market.

Here, I am sharing with you a large collection of free weather icon packs that you can use of your designs without spending. This is especially true if you the project you are making is for your own recreation or personal use. If you intend to use these items for commercial projects on the other hand, please see if you are allowed to do so as stated by their respective authors. Please get back to us by writing a comment and share this article to your friends. Enjoy!

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Sketcy Weather Icons Glow ed. by AzureSol


Hand drawn collection of 49 dock weather icons in 256×256 PNG format.

12 Free Weather Icons


A collection of free weather icons at 128px by 128 px PSD format.

Simple Weather Icons by LavAna


A simple monochromatic weather icon set.

Weather Icons by Aramisdream


10 cute weather icons in PSD and PNG format.

Plain weather icons by MerlinTheRed


A set of weather icons consisting of different weather conditions in light and dark versions.

Bubble Weather Icons by Enthropia Labs


A high-quality pack consisting of different weather conditions.

VClouds Weather Icons by VClouds


Beautiful and amazing pack of weather icons which are free for personal use.

Thunder Icon by Aha-Soft Team


A set of thunder icons consisting of different sizes.

Occasional Snow Icon by Icons Land


A collection of PNG icons for occasional snowy weather.

weather icon set by umutavci


80×80 PNG weather icon set.

WeatherCons for Windows by KenSaunders


Icon set focusing on atmospheric phenomenon.

Pathfinder Weather icons by antonist


A pack of more than 50 icons, for any kind of weather situation you can imagine.

Weather icons by kidaubis by kidaubis


Different weather icon collection for various atmospheric phenomenon.

Sticker Weather Icons by KorToIk


Sticker weather icons with white outline in three different sizes of the set: 64×64 px, 128×128 and 256×256 px.

Flat Weather Icons by LavAna


A pack of minimalistic weather icons.

Weather Icons I by d3stroy


Some weather icons with PNG and ICO files included, 16×16 to 128×128.

Grzanka’s Icons nr 2 by voogee


Icons 128×128 dedicated for Mobydock’s set of weather conditions.

Weather Icon by kingyoART


A set of 12 PNG weather icons for your designs.

Partly cloudy day Icon by Aha-Soft Team


Beautiful set of partly cloudy icon set in different sizes.

Weather icons by mj-coffeeholick


Weather icons vexel pack for children’s website.

spil’s weather images by spil


A set of beautiful and colorful weather icons for your designs.

weather by harwenzhang


Different weather icons in PNG format.

Mini Clouds Set by Jackie


My mini clouds set in PSD format.

7 degrees by sevensteps2heaven


A full weather icons set in png format at 256×256.

Droplets by Weather Icon Sets


This is a nice icon set. Some nice realistic textures on the rain and clouds.

Weather Icon Set by gnokii


A weather icon set done with inkscape.

Realistic Weather Icons by golosiy


Realistic weather icons in dark and light backgrounds.

Weather Dock Icon Set – 16 Icons 512px by dAKirby309


Here are 16 weather icons at 512x512px size that you can use for a number of different purposes.

Weather Icons by fenixproductions


Weather icons created with Inkscape. ZIP package contains screenshot, SVG file and PNGs.

Weather Icon by aipotudeng


Weather icon set ideal for different weather conditions.

Weather images 4 by jonatan7


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Author : Sonny Day


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