Many talented web designers like to show off their skills online and web design portfolio websites have become very popular. This is also a strong trend other creative niches and many graphic designers and photographers have creative portfolios as well.

If you are a web designer striving to create unique and stunning websites for your clients you probably have noticed that you are not alone. You will have to keep improving your skills, stay creative and focused and be up-to-date with new trends. On top of that, you need to spread the word and make it easy for people to fall in love with your work. This is where an online web design portfolio comes in handy and helps you connect with potential clients.

A web design portfolio will showcase your potential as a web designer. It will let potential and new clients realize the quality, uniqueness and functionality of your works even before they have meet you. You can choose to build your portfolio website template from scratch, but today a lot of websites are crafted using portfolio themes for WordPress,  check my theme collection here. What is best for you will depend on your web design skills, your budget and time frame. However, remember that when combined with a proactive social media strategy your portfolio really starts build value. Consider using scripts for your website that integrated platforms like Facebook and Twitter activity. In addtion it is important to take mobile visitors serious and consider a responsive layout. Most themes for WordPress released today have a mobile friendly design and you can find some of the best available in one of my previous articles.

I hope this article will serve you as good inspiration regardless if you are a business owner looking for a web designer and a concept for your new website or if you are a web designer looking for new ideas for your own portfolio. Here you will find a large collection of inspiring web design portfolio sites where you can begin your research.

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Dan Sweet


Dan Sweet is from Portland, Oregon. His web designs have great reviews from Sterling Films, Ltd. and Kunoichi LLC. His services include website creation (powered by WordPress), print design, and e-Commerce. Some of his previous clients who had been successful are the Bigfoot Finder, Menehune Coffee Company, Orp Industries LLC, and Brass Magazine.



Brizk is the official design portfolio site of Kai Brach. He is a web designer who lives in Melbourne but is currently residing in Berlin. But aside from web designing, breach is in the print magazine industry also. He’s latest print endeavor is “Offscreen”. He made a website for this magazine and through it you will see the mastery of Brach when it comes to web designing. You can visit and see how great Brach when it comes to designing a website.

Forefathers Group


This web design portfolio website is being run by Portland Hay, Jonden Jackson, Dan Gretta, Aaron Marsh and Chis Spicuzza. They do web site creation, web development, branding and illustrations. Although the design of their website depicts a 1900s feel, yet they have more successful clients than most of their competitors. Among their known clients are Adidas, Warner Bros., Century Media, Sony RED, Vagrant Records, Solid State Records, Rampage Jackson, Paramore, and Dropkick Murphys.



Texido is a studio that does wed and interface designs. But they are not an ordinary studio—they are an award-winning studio. Their clients are from around the globe, including Chick-in, Bandit Ads, Southbank Sinfonia, Pimengo, TIVA, Caren, FitClick, TICE, Luftman, School of Dreams, Cordero Insurance Brokers, Lone Mountain, Wembe,, Studio Pizzaz, BandaGroup, Bright Green Strategies, and the United Nations.

Stephen Gacheru


Stephen Gacheru is a web and user interface designer who lives in Nairobi, Kenya. He has a 4-year experience in this creative field. And on those four years he had helped dozens of websites such as Kopo Kopo, Echoperi, Nitume Services, and Kenya Remixed. He also has his own website to showcase what he can do.

Marco Milanese


Marco have is an minimal and clean responsive web designer portfolio website.

Sam Create


This is a extremely colorful responsive web designer portfolio website. Like unusual design and flower power? Then you will like this website deisgn.



Great example of a one page design portfolio website. The website present content in an interactive and dynamic way.

Jeremiah Shoaf


Cool freelancer designer portfolio website with a unique single color style that is also applied to the portfolio items.

Webdesigner Anusha


This web designer portfolio website have a creative and minimal, but classic portfolio design

Jussi Virtanen


Jussi Virtanen created a professional, simple and minimal portfolio website to show off web design acheivements.

Debbie Burkhoff


This is a very personal and crowded and creative portfolio website design.

Chris Thruman


This site is being managed by Chris Thruman. He is a freelance web designer who lives in Louisville, KY. He can be your efficient guy as he majored in several skills such as motion graphics, branding, print design, and Videography. For the past 5 years, he has been designing the website portfolios of various churches, corporations, nonprofits, musicians, and more. Among his previous clients are the Westport Road Baptist Church and Hayes, Utley & Hedgspeth Insurance Agency.

Gerren Lamson


Gerren Lamson is a multi-discipline illustrator and designer who lives in Texas. He has so much work experiences regarding this field, including Chief Creative Offices at Colour Lovers and Creative Market. Aside from web desiging, he is also into drawing and printmaking. Among his successful clients are Soup Peddler, Eastciders Website, SXSW 2012 ad Tasty Tailers.




Asthma Studio is a design portfolio site which has its center of operation in Paris. Among its successful clients are famous food places in Paris such as Pizza Tony, Delo, Buffalo Grill, and MeilleursVoeux, and helpful web pages in Europe such as Hot Spot You, Qapa, Mondial Assistance, and Kisbee.

Shift Creative


Shift Creative is a design portfolio site founded by Jordan Little. It is powered by Apple, MySQL, Textpattern and WordPress. They do web design, HTML, branding, identity, mobile web design, SEO marketing , and web applications. Their works include the websites of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Eli Murry Photography, Lumin Consulting, Greek Food Fest, Legend Treks, Hopkins & Holmes, and Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church.

Visual Republic


Visual Republic is a UK-based marketing agency with an enthusiastic and dedicated group of web designers that does market research, graphic design, social media strategy, and brand development. Its other portfolios are e-commerce solutions, online advertising, mobile marketing, mobile applications, and bespoke development. Among their successful works are Sedo,, the Moo Moo Network, and

Forever Heavy


Forever Heavy is being managed by Nick Coates, a developer and designer who lives in North Carolina. Among their successful clients are Myriad Media, Dr. Block, W5 Insight, JoyApp UI & Landing Page, Lime & Tonic, Prista Vacation Rentals, Unique Transportation, and Online MBA Rankings. The Forever Heavy site also has a blog section full of web designing advices.

Pointless Corp


Pointless Corp is neither pointless nor a corporation. It’s composed of a web design team (57 dedicated individuals) at Viget. Among their clients are Jinglebots, Tincan’d, Baby Bookie, Office Games, “I Dig Durham”, Tofu Engine, Lunnnch, Tweets of Fury, Hey Craig, Speaker Rate, Feed Stitch, and Connect-a-Sketch. The website also has blog page that gives advices about marketing one’s website.

Elegant Seagulls


Elegant Seagulls is a creative agency that works hand in hand with their clients to establish their identities and build good marketing strategies. Its successful customers include Peak Design, Sortable, Dickinson Homes, Event Finds, Ensign Nationals, Burtch Works, Cycle Soleil, Dr. Tim’s, Red 7 Salon, MGH, “No Shave History”, and V.I.O.

Mark Hobbs


Mark Hobbs is a web designer who lives in San Frncisco. He is a graphic designer in the Professional Photographers of America. He also worked in the advertising of Professional Photographer magazine. Among the satisfied customers he had helped are PPAed, City Sprouts Preschool & Daycare, “See the Difference”, and Maroon Tavel Identity.

Brad Langdon


Brad Langdon is a graphic designer who is based in London but has places to stay in New York and Dubai. He has knowledge and experience in development (HTML, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, MySQL and WordPress), design (logo design, identity design and vector illustration), and prepress (file preparation, lithographic, digital print and flexographic label print).

Andrew Tebbott


Andrew Tebbott is a web designer and a WordPress developer who lives in Manchester. He is now currently working for Gooey Creative. His geniuses include working on new web technologies (HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery), WordPress (not just any site but a fully content and well-maintained web page), and responsive designs.

Ruudvan Eijk


Ruud van Eijk is a freelance media designer who lives in the Netherlands. Since 2006, he had worked marvelous web page designs including the portfolios, logos and artworks of Experimental Designs, Deadmau5 & Nooka, Download Store, Wildstylez, ZROQ, Nicky Romero, X-Qlusive, Protocol Recordings, Electronique Music, Zedd, The Prophet and more.



Pioneers is one of the most imaginative and awesome web design portfolio websites. Their colorful designs on their site become the living proof of their web excellence. They have well-known and successful clients such as Persona, Zelocal, Findr Interactive, The Gravity, Wider Funnel, Adventure Touring, Food Free, Upload1 and SnapKnot.



45Royale is a firm composed of talented and dedicated web designers and print geniuses. Their work plan is simple: (1) discover and plan, (2) organize and refine (3), build and deploy, and (4) grow and measure. They have worked with some big names in both in the web industries and in other fields. These include Tumblr, Screenr, Fox News, Mubi Online Cinema, Tapulous, NYU, and Participatory Culture Foundation.

Ali Felski


Ali Felski came from Northern Michigan and she graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design, with a BFA in graphic design. Since her graduation in 2004, she has been working with some well-known firms such as Sunlight Foundation, Rugmark, Influence Explorer, Soapbox, and City Garden Coop. She also redesigned some Government projects including the websites of the Supreme Court of the United States, US Environmental Protection Agency, and Federal Election Commission.

Karel-Jan Tolsman


Karl-Jan Tolsma is an interface designer who has a passion for WordPress and internet marketing. His portfolio is very impressive. His web designs are incredible. It served several well-known firms such as Tent Hire Fran Look, AB Lattice, Parc Estate, Youngsters Opsterland, Wheel-Tec, Renting Team Leeuwarden, Donate for Africa, Xtandit, and more.

Dale Harris


Dale Harris lives in Victoria. His Ink Studio can do web designs, brochures, logo designs, packaging, typography, and even clothing. He has a wide range of clients in Victoria and around the globe. These include Axedale Turf, Heggaty’s, Pokki, Sweet Labs, Eaglehawk Bakery, Goldfields SolarHub, Ashbourne Alpacas, Australian Conservation Foundation, Skilly’s, Cubiq, Food Fossickers, and many more.

Artifice Studios


Artifice Studios is a web design studio operating in Santa Clarita, California. The firm has two dedicated and talented web designers: Antonio Diaz and Jake Perlingos. They do designs (user interface design, photography, and mobile web design), development (XHTML/CSS, PHP, E-Commerce, MySQL, and content management), and relationships (marketing consulting, personal branding, and social networking).

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