Wood texture finds its application to diverse types of web designs.

This popularity of wood texture is rooted in the fact that since time immemorial, wood has been a primary construction material. It was only when man acquired the technology to mass produce concrete and steel that the use of wood dwindled. Wood therefore as used in web designs, adds flavor of antiquity as opposed to modernity.

That is why in architecture and interior design of courtrooms, museums, churches and even private homes,  wood especially the hard ones, are used intensively to evoke the feeling of timelessness, unchanging devotion, and passion. We cannot see these attributes in steel and other metals. They tend to be impersonal, unlike wood that was once a living thing just like humans.

For these reasons, wood texture is precisely suited to be used in websites wanting to have a more personal touch to their audience. It is more intimate, less formal and less rigid. Needless to say, wood is one of the textures commonly used by web designers and graphic artists. With creativity, right blending and good habits, one can create a number of beautiful designs using wood patterns. The possibilities are endless, limited only by one’s imagination. Whatever web design it may be, wood certainly can be used if the artist so desires based on its applicability.

Because finding a good wood texture is not easy, we decided to share with you 220+ beautiful high resolution wood textures that you can use in your work. These patterns come from different artists and websites who did not mind sharing their work. We hope that these massive collection can help you make the right choice. Just like any anything free, if you intend to use one of these textures, be sure to check their licenses and the terms under which they can be used. Some of the authors of these textures have simple requests with regard to the use of their work. It is thus better to align ourselves with their expectations.

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High Resolution Wood Texture Collection

Texture: Wood Panel 2 by dawgbyte77

Texture: Wood Panel 1 by dawgbyte77

free texture – wood by AlicePopkorn2

Wood grain texture by FrankieSmileShow

free high res texture 424 Caleb Kimbrough

free high restexture 423 by Caleb Kimbrough

Texture 36: Desk by freetextures

Wood texture I by Resurgida Resources

Red Mahogany Wood Texture by SweetSoulSister

Cedar Wood Grain by Duncan Allan

Wood Texture by kaukassus

wood texture 1 by Menticide-Art

Corkboard Wood Cork Composite by Enchantedgal-Stock

Wood Texture by Rifificz

Wood Texture 3 by Rifificz

Wood fence panels by net efekt

Wood Texture by elemis

Seamless Wood Pattern 01 by Naomi Rubin

Wood Texture 3-Hardwood by ErrantDreams

Wood Texture by deiby

Wood Texture clear by pabloalvin

Wood by Breyer-Stoc

Texture of wood by Korolevatumana

Wood Texture by Douglas Heriot

Wood texture by Tina

Wood Texture by pabloalvin

Wood Texture – Feather Fence by Jared Cornwall

free high restexture 398

Wood Texture – Purgo by Jared Cornwall

Wood Texture by truefreestyle

tileable wood texture by ftIsis-Stock

Wood Texture by Petr Kovar

Wood Texture 4 by Rifificz

Texture:Wood by *Gaara01

Wood Texture by  xNickixstockx

Wood Damp Texture by Urban Dirty

Dirty Railroad Tie by Grunge Textures

cleanzor texture 022

Dark wood texture by enframed

Wood Texture by Randen Pederson

Old Wood texture 3 by Tigg-stock

Stock by Alegion-stock

Flaked Painted Pattern by AscendedArts

Cut wood texture by AngiNelson

Stock by digital-amphetamine

Wood texture by net efekt

Grungy Wood 06 by Jacob Gube

Rotten Wood Surface by Grunge Textures

Sand on Rotten Wood by Grunge Textures

free high res texture 399 by Caleb Kimbrough

Peeling Red Paint on Wood by Grunge Textures

Peeling Paint Texture by Kikariz-Stock

Red Painted wooden texture by Abby Lanes

Texture: Dusty Wood by ~Tzolkin

Grunge Wood by Urban Dirty

Dark Scarred Wood by smithfineart

Drift Wood Texture by Randen Pederson

Wooden Texture 3 by ~violety

Wood tele macro shot by Artnow314

Texture – wood and nail by jordi.martorell

Wood and Creosote Texture by Randen Pederson

Wood Texture by ~melstock

Wood2 Texture Stock by ~Alegion-stock

Red Flaked Wood Texture by *AscendedArts

Red Flaked Wood Texture by *AscendedArts

Local Texture: Wood Breaker by ~Beyond-Oddities

Local Texture: Three by One by ~Beyond-Oddities

Painted Wood Texture by Peter Harris

texture Wood by ~YCP

Bruised Red Wood by ~Crimson-Designs

Wood Texture by ~SilensTemplum

Valle old wood texture by *enframed

Wood Texture with 5 Colors by ~elemis

old wooden textures by ~prigix

Wood Texture Pack by ~Talei-stock

Wood uncut by ~borysses


Wood Texture Patterns by ~silver

45 Wood Textures by Jammurch

Wood Texture Brushes by silver-

Wood Textures ver 1 by *artbees

Free wood pack texture by ~djeric

Wood board by ~borysses

Wood Panels Texture Set by ~fudgegraphics

Wood texture pack by ~dbstrtz

Distressed Wood Texture Pack by *AscendedArts

Beautiful High Resolution Wood Texture Collection

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