With a WordPress Author Box Plugin you can show the reader important details about the authors of a post. This is great for building trust and the first step for connecting with the audience. Some high quality themes have great looking author box designs build in, but if your theme does not have one, you can just use one of the plugins I listed here.

On a new blog, it may be enough to have an “about the blogger” page, but still it is recommended to explicitly give readers details about the author, either at the beginning or at the end of each post.

Many bloggers end up working on multi author blogs over time. It often starts out with accepting guest authors and eventually more writers are hired to deliver more high quality posts in less time.  As soon as more authors deliver, content for one blog it becomes essential to add an author box with at least a photo and a short bio.  Recently it has also become really popular to add Google Author to posts as it helps posts stand out in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Some WordPress author box plugins support this Google feature and makes it easy to get this part right, as well.

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AuthorSure – MORE INFO


This plugin both adds a author box and also inserts the Google author markup. This way you can show your face and build your brand in Google search results. Or in SEO-terms, make sure your AuthorRank is contributing to your PageRank.

Fancier Author Box – MORE INFO


This plugin created a cool and featurerich author box. You can add a Latest posts tab and also show social media detals really easily. This helps your readers to read your author bio and connect with you.

Fanciest Author Box (Premium) – MORE INFO / DEMO


This is version of Fancier Author Box includes tabs for the social media services and also a custom HTML tab. It includes Google authorship verification and is automatically inserted into the posts.

Social Author Bio – MORE INFO


Social Author Bio automatically adds an author bio box along with Gravatar and social icons on posts. It also comes with built in Google Author.

WordPress Advanced Authors (Premium) – MORE INFO / DEMO


This plugin allows you to add advanced author box in your posts or pages with lot of features and options

WP Biographia – MORE INFO


This plugin allows you to add a customisable biography to posts, to RSS feeds, to pages, to archives and to each post on your blog’s landing page as well as via a widget in your sidebar. It integrates out of the box with the information that can be provided in each user’s profile and supports custom post types. Display of the Biography Box can be hidden on a global or per user basis for posts, pages and custom post types as well as on a per category basis.

Easy Author (Premium) – MORE INFO / DEMO


Easy Author adds a floating author box to your posts. It is useful for blog with guest bloggers and authors they want to acknowledge. It comes with easy to use author data and author box. The author data can be garbed with WordPress shortcodes or PHP .

About the Author Advanced – MORE INFO


This plugin creates a sidebar widget which displays information about the author of a post or page. This may be useful for some layouts and web designs.

Author Box Reloaded – MORE INFO


This plugin adds an author box below the text when viewing a single article. The author can define links to the external websites like Twitter, Identi.ca, Facebook, Netlog, LinkedIn, Drupal Association and WordPress.Org.

Author Box After Posts – MORE INFO

Author Box After Posts

With this plugin you will get a n author box after your posts content.The box contains author’s avatar, name, post count, site link, description, Email, Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Authors WordPress Plugin (Premium) – MORE INFO / DEMO


The Authors plugin displays a microformated list of all authors that are members of your site, which is useful if you are running a multi-author site. Authors will have the ability to add links to their social profiles.

Authors Widget (Premium) – MORE INFO / DEMO


This widget allows you to display your site authors with details description and avatar in the sidebar. Widget can be used multiple of times even in one sidebar area. Including or excluding authors becomes easy with the multiselect option. You can also arrange and order the authors by many selection types, showing a number of authors or even hiding the author without posts. All default author contact info can be hidden or displayed as an icon or text.

Post Author – MORE INFO


Post Author adds the author and date at the top or bottom of the content on posts, on pages and on archive categories – optionally along with last modified date and author. It includes a fully custom per-post / per-page hide option.

WP About Author – MORE INFO


Here you have another plugin that makes it really easy to display customizable author bios below your posts.

Just Another Author Information Widget – MORE INFO


This is a widget plugin with a lot of useful options for setting up a about the author box in a sidebar.

Easy Author Box – MORE INFO


This plugin adds an author box after your post contents.The box contains author’s avatar, name, post count, site link, personal description and Email / Social profile links such as Facebook, Twitter & Google+. This plugin will allow you to place author bio in author url above all posts written by the author.

[exec]echo get_avatar( get_the_author_email(), ’80’ );[/exec]

Author : Lars Vraa


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