WordPress Mobile themes have become quite popular and for the right reasons. It is quite obvious that the trend is towards that all websites should look fabulous regardless of whether the user is using an ordinary PC or a mobile device. It is of course the onrushing strong interest in iPads, iPhones, smartphones and other new tablets with “muscles” in size to a desktop computer.

It is certainly crucial that you do not fall behind and lose traffic on your website because your competitors get ahead in this mobile website race. Programmers and developers are making mobile website versions. WordPress is the most dominant CMS and publishing platform today and web developers have been creating WordPress mobile themes and plugins with mobile features for quite some time. Thanks to their efforts, you can easily create your own mobile ready WordPress site with fresh design and good user friendly layout.

You have to be serious about mobile surfers if you want to present your business online. A dedicated WordPress theme for mobile is designed to prepare your business website for the mobile future. You can also use responsive WordPress themes and I have decided to add some of them in this post. The best choice depends on your needs. In some cases, a responsive theme will give a better correlation between your traditional and mobile presentation. A responsive solution often is simpler from a maintenance perspective, as well. On the other hand, a WordPress mobile theme will give complete control of the mobile experience without impacting the Main Site Design. A well suited responsive WordPress plugin can also be helpful if you want to ad special features and user experience to your mobile website.

In this article, we are showcasing some of the best Responsive WordPress themes, regular mobile themes and plugins to help you pick the right solution for your site.

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Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service. This article is not a guideline, a recommendation or endorsement of specific products.

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Mobile WordPress Themes For Your Selection

TOUCH Light Mobile WP Theme – MORE INFO

touch a clean design and a feature rich solution - wp mobile theme

This mobile theme is worth considering if you are looking for a clean design and a feature rich solution. The developers have been successful with 3 other themes before this and they have excellent support.

BRAVE – A Dark Responsive Mobile Theme – MORE INFO

Brave - A Dark Responsive Mobile Theme with awesome features

I really like this mobile theme. It works alongside your desktop site and it has a clean design. Some of the nice features: Web App install, touch/swipe gallery, multiple colors etc.

Ultimate And Slate Mobile WordPress – MORE INFO

Get two popular mobile themes - Utimate and Slate with a lot of gallery options, page templates and shortcodes plus tons of useful features.

I think this package with two themes in ONE deserves to be mentioned in this list. The package consists of the two popular mobile themes Utimate and Slate. They have a lot of gallery options, page templates and shortcodes and tons of useful features.

HERO Mobile Theme And Web App – MORE INFO

hero is a powerful mobil theme with Web App feature

This is a powerful theme and I really like the feature that allows visitors to add a web app icon on their iPhone. Hero will work alongside you WordPress theme and I like the simple design and the useful functionality.

Resans WP Mobile Portfolio Theme – MORE INFO

resans feature rich wp mobile theme with awesome menu

This theme has a truck-load of features that will allow you to build the website you want. It has nice navigation and a grid based layout.

Spartan WP Theme For Mobile – MORE INFO


Spartan full featured theme that will make you site mobile friendly and serve you with good customization options.

Provocateur WordPress Theme For Mobile Devices– MORE INFO


Provocateur° is a WP mobile theme build in jQuery Mobile, HTML5 and CSS3. It is created to look good on mobile devices.

Troller Mobile WordPress Theme – MORE INFO


This is an advanced, clean designed and easy to use mobile WP theme. It has a beautiful retro/vintage look.

Mobit Mobile WordPress Template – MORE INFO


Mobit is a nice mobile theme with lots of pages and customization features.

Metro Mobile WordPress Mobile Theme – MORE INFO


Metro is fully responsive with Bootstrap 2.1 and it is built with HTML5 and CSS3. It has useful features and it has 13 free metro tiles and 24 real Metro Colors, the Contact Form 7 Plugin, multiple Photo Galleries and more.

Tiger Mobile Template WordPress Version – MORE INFO


Tiger is a Retina Ready WordPress mobile theme build with HTML5. It is ready for Google Web Font, has a various pages available and tons of other awesome features.

Mobilize – jQuery Mobile WordPress Theme – MORE INFO


Mobilize is a mobile WP theme with lots of features. The homepage has a touch optimized responsive slider , social icons, touch optimized gallery, contact form, blog with featured images and featured videos, lots of shortcodes and more.

Side Mobile Retina | WordPress Version – MORE INFO


Side is a cute mobile theme. You will get more than 100 retina icons, retina elements and retina graphics. You can automatically hides the navigation bar in landscape mode, and it comes with PSD file and a good documentation.

AxiaMobile WordPress HTML5 Theme – MORE INFO


AxiaMobile mobile theme is build in HTML5 and CSS3. It is created for mobile devices. It has a nice clean design!

WOW! mySite WordPress Mobile Theme – MORE INFO


WOW ! mySite is a WordPress mobile theme optimized with amazing customization options. It is perfect for both corporate and personal use and it is easy to handle.

Stacker – Mobile WordPress Theme – MORE INFO


Stacker is a nice mobile WordPress theme with a simple but beautiful layout and with a lot of useful features.

My Mobile Page V3 WordPress Theme – MORE INFO


My Mobile Page is a modern WordPress Theme with a minimal design. I like this modern look and the cool features.

Mobile friendly Responsive Themes For WordPress

Deep Focus A Handsome Portfolio Theme – MORE INFO


Deep Focus is a slick portfolio theme that expands on some of their previous gallery themes such as ePhoto and eGallery. With this theme you can turn your WordPress blog into a fully functional online photo gallery while still maintaining all of the features of a normal blog. Photographers will also be pleased to hear that photos are no longer cropped on post pages, making the theme acceptable for both landscape and portrait images.

Avada Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme – MORE INFO


This theme for WordPress is one of the most popular themes right now. It looks good on mobile devices and it has so many powerful options. No wonder it is a best selling theme.

CHAMELEON Business WordPress Theme – MORE INFO


CHAMELEON is a very nice and minimalistic theme with endless customization possibilities. It also has a beautiful responsive layout that makes it attractive for mobile.

Bigbang Creative WordPress Template – MORE INFO


BigBang is one of the WordPress themes I find quite attracktive. It has a clean responsive theme with lots of layout, post and page formats. It has features that are useful for profesional websites like photostream widgets, social icons, Google typography, flex slider, short codes and much more.

Responsive Free WordPress Theme – MORE INFO


This is one of the most popular themes in the WordPress directory. It is called Responsive and it is a free mobile ready WordPress theme. The theme is free, but it is quite feature rich with 9 Page Templates, 11 Widget Areas, 6 Template Layouts, 4 Menu Positions and more.

WordPress Mobile Plugin Collection

Besides using dedicated WordPress mobile themes amd responsive WordPress themes it is also possible to get mobile features from WordPress plugins. We have listed a few here that I find useful to give you a teaser.

Jetpack – MORE INFO

Mobile theme plugin with one click setup. The easy way to a mobile ready website

Jetpack is a powerful plugin package with tons of useful features. It has a mobile theme with one click setup. It is an easy way to a mobile ready website, but it has only few customization options.

Mobile Smart Pro WP Plugin – MORE INFO

smart plugin that allows you to switch theme, manage appearance on mobile devices

I find this plugin quite interesting for making you website mobile ready. It that allows you to switch your theme, and manage the appearance of your website on a mobile devices.

Duda – A Mobile Website Builder – MORE INFO

This is a popular way of going mobile with you website - mobile-website-builder

The DudaMobile is a useful WordPress plugin that makes it easy to convert your WordPress website into a mobile-friendly site. It’s fast, free and easy. Works with all WordPress themes including websites and blogs.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher – MORE INFO

any-mobile-theme will give you control over the themes used

I find this plugin quite useful as it gives you control of witch theme you like to use for presenting your website on different mobile devices.

WPtouch Pro – MORE INFO

strong premium plugin with fast loading time and web app feature

I like this plugin because of its focus on fast loading and customization options. It is a web app ready mobile plugin which adds powerful, easy-to-use features to WordPress for mobile

WordPress Plugin – Mobile Redirect – MORE INFO


WordPress Mobile Redirect/Detect is a small plugin that can detect most of popular internet enabled mobile devices and redirect according to URL you provide. It is also easy to customize redirect URL ’s and devices. There is a counter on the right of every device name, so you know how many users are redirected. Please type in full URL . To disable redirect, just delete URL . To enable user to view desktop site from mobile device, just make a normal link from mobile site to desktop site, plugin will automatically recognize that, and make sure that user is not redirected further.

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