How can you tell that a blog or a website is successful?

Obviously, some would say that it depends on the traffic, but actually, traffic alone is not everything. Often the goal for a website is to generate sales, increase subscription rates, and develop loyal readership.

Internet marketers are more familiar to this principle than any others are working online, and part of their success formula is the use of forceful and effective call to action, which is oftentimes contained in a pop-up box or lightbox.

Recently the use of technologies like jQuery have made it possible to create modal windows that are actually part of the existing page. This makes blocking them very hard when using Pop-up window blockers. Used wisely you can increase conversion, but do not push too hard. Worst case you risk losing your loyal readers!

Creating your own pop-ups for your website is not an easy task. You need to have knowledge of programming to be able to generate the codes that define your intended pop-up. Fortunately, for WordPress websites, there are many useful pop-up plugins available. Pop-ups actually are versatile, and can be used for many conversion related purposes. A common use is to ask for likes or tweet before a file can be downloaded. Using a WordPress Facebook Plugin may give you this functionality as well on Facebook.

Here in this article, we are listing a number of useful pop-up plugins that you can choose from to use in your website. As you will find out, most of these items are free while few are premium. Hope you find a pop-up solution for your WordPress website.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service. This article is not a guideline, a recommendation or endorsement of specific products.
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Premium WordPress Pop-Up Plugin Collection

Sugar Modal Windows for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO

Sugar Modal Windows provides an easy-to-use interface for creating Modal pop-up windows for your WordPress powered website. The Modal Windows are powered by slick jQuery transitions and are fully compatible with all modern browsers and IE 7 -9. Modal Windows created with this plugin can contain any kind of information, including text, audio, video, shortcodes, etc. Your options are limitless! With 13 configurable options for every modal, there are literally thousands of different modal windows you can create. Use them to show off privacy policies, banner ads, portfolio images/videos, miscellaneous information, additional details, and anything else!

Ninja Popups for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO

Ninja Popups for WordPress

Ninja Popups offers a wide array of professionally designed popups to convert visitors on your site/blog into taking an action. It works great whether what you want is to get subscribers to a newsletter, offering a discount/coupon for leaving customers, or locking content until they share on e.g. Twitter or Facebook.

Widgetized Welcome Popup – MORE INFO / DEMO


Widgetized Welcome Popup is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to add a highly customizable widgetized popup box to your blog or website. This popup box appears for all new visitors or for everyone on defined website parts (configured by administrator). It can be used to introduce yourself to new visitors or to notify everyone about something important or interesting or whatever. The main advantage of this popup is that it contains widget areas, where you can place any widgets available in your WordPress dashboard. It also accepts shortodes. As an administrator you fully customize welcome popup box (size, colors, number of widget areas and other parameters).

Simp Modal Window – MORE INFO / DEMO

Simp Modal Window

SIMP Modal Window is a cool pop up window plugin for WordPress. It can be used for creating unlimited popups where you have full control over the layout, design, display and content. It is all up to you where, how, when you want to show a popup to visitors of your website or blog.

Foobar – WordPress Notification Bars – MORE INFO / DEMO


A WordPress plugin for adding great looking notification bars to your site.

Social Traffic Pop for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO

Social Traffic Pop is finally here. Requested by tons of other Traffic Pop buyers, Social Traffic Pop combines 3 of the most powerful social media tools to make one of the best social media marketing tools ever. Social Traffic Pop builds on everything that made the original Facebook Traffic Pop such a hit and takes it to the next level. Make Google, Facebook, and Twitter your slave and become a social media slayer over night!

All-in-One Social Popup – MORE INFO / DEMO


All-in-One Social Popup is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to add a highly customizable social popup box to your blog or website. It combines 7 different popups (on page load, on external link click, on copy content, on context menu, on scroll down, on idle, on click), which can be used separately or simultaneously without conflicts. Once raised, popup asks visitors to like webpage on Facebook, +1 on Google, share on Twitter or LinkedId. Popup box is configured through settings page. Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are in TOP10 most visited websites in the World. All together they have over 1.2 billions of registered users. Could you imagine more successful spots to promote your website? All-in-One Social Popup plugin will help to get more organic traffic from Google Search and add thousands of fans on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and LinkedIn. More fans is more traffic.

Facebook Traffic Pop for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO

Tap into Facebook’s 600 million plus users now with the hottest Facebook traffic plugin. Facebook traffic pop is a new breed of ‘popups’ that will allow you to have your users like your pages, instead of trying to get them to click ads. More likes = more exposure = more traffic = more money!

SocialPop: A Social Media Plugin for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO

The SocialPop WordPress plug-in gives you the ability to add social media sharing options to the Posts and Pages of your website. The display settings allow them to appear right after the content section of the page. You can also manually insert them wherever you like, including widget areas using the Manual Insert Settings option. You can also insert them into your templates and pages via PHP functions call or shortcode.

WordPress Custom Popups – MORE INFO / DEMO


WP Custom Popups is a way of making sure that your site visitors get a message. Whether it is an announcement, advertisement, collection of information WP Custom Popups can help you do it. The popup messages are displayed as soon as the visitors opens the page.

LePopup WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO

Successful LePopup script of LeSeries collection is now available also in WordPress version! Clear and simple management, easy and reliable handling, this all comfortly in WordPress administration. Set up sessions, automatic show and close and many more, also upcoming features that will renew and boost your site like no other popup before! Simple way to be popupped!

Free WordPress PopUp Plugin Collection

Scrolling down popup plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO

Scrolling down popup plugin create the popup window with drop in scrolling effect. With this plugin we can confirm that particular content on your page gets attention to user. To display important announcement, an advertisement, or a promotional offer we can use this plugin.

Onclick Popup – MORE INFO / DEMO

One easy way to send your visitors a welcome message, notice, or advertisement is to add this popup plugin to your site. WordPress on-click Popup plugin will create a popup message to your website. The popup will appear on text click so it is named on-click popup.

Milat jQuery Automatic Popup – MORE INFO / DEMO

Only want your popup in some areas on your site? With this WordPress popup plugin You can select whether you want them displayed on your posts, pages, or your home page.

Pinoy Pop Up on Exit – MORE INFO / DEMO

This plugin is mainly for sales copy sites, opt-in(squeeze) pages, upsell offers page or any page that tries to bribe people to stay in the page to respond to an offer. If a visitor tries to exit your site(page/post) they will instead see a popup screen providing them with an incentive not to leave. This incentive could be a discount or a bonus if they choose not to leave and instead make a purchase. A working example of this script is at Publishing a Book and Paid Public Speaker.

SuperSlider-Media-Pop – MORE INFO / DEMO

SuperSlider-Media-Pop adds numerous image enhancements to your admin panels. Displays all attached files to this post is post list view. It adds image sizes to the Upload/Insert image screen, adding image sizes to be inserted and adding to the image link field options. Insert any superslider image size and link to any image size. You can now insert a slide sized image and pop over a mid size image in your post. Adds thumbnails and attachments to your edit post / page list screens.

WP Super Popup – MORE INFO / DEMO

WP Super Popup makes you able to easily create and manage modal and unblockable popups for your WordPress blog. It is proved that a modal and graphically attractive popup (like the one generated by this plugin) have an high conversion! For example you can use it for creating subscription forms or to promote your product in a viral way. The popup content can be retrieved from an external URL or directly edited inline thanks to a WYSIWYG editor.

WordPress PopUp – MORE INFO / DEMO

ne of the most effective ways to advertise your mailing list, special offer or simply to show ads is via javascript ‘pop over’ on your site.

MaxBlogPress Unblockable Popup – MORE INFO / DEMO

This amazing WordPress popup plugin allows you to get your message across in an unblockable popup easily. You can choose to present your popup in a simple straightforward way, in a fading system or in a lightbox mode.

Tippy WordPress Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO

his plugin allows users to create custom popups or tooltips in their posts. The style and behavior of the tooltip are highly configurable through CSS and through the WordPress dashboard.


Sometimes its useful to add a pop up to your website to show your ads, special announcement and for offers. Using this plug-in you can creates unblockable, dynamic and fully configurable popups for your blog. One easy way to send your visitors a welcome message, notice, or advertisement is to add a this popup plugin to your site. This popup ads are very effective advertising tools for your website since they wont get automatically blocked by popup blocking tool.

Easy Heads Up Bar – MORE INFO / DEMO

This plugin adds an easy to use notification bar to the top of your WordPress website with a linked call to action.

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