WordPress is the number one platform for bloggers and has been for a long time.

However lately it has also been invading the traditional website segment and it is now quite common to see websites of different kinds being served by WordPress. I think it makes good sense actually because WordPress is free, simple, powerful and then there are tons of web designers with deep knowledge on how to code templates.

WordPress may not be as strong a CMS as Drupal and Joomla when it comes to building large and complex multi user websites, but for smaller and simpler websites its user friendliness and excellent out of the box look and feel rules and gives the competitors a tough fight. The main advantage however is the extendability and huge supply of high quality themes making it possible to roll out a top professional site in a snap.

I personally like simple WordPress themes a lot as they are a really good starting point for creating a unique look and feel. The mobile trend however makes it critical for most business owners with a website to consider if it is time to go for a responsive WordPress theme. The availability is impressive and befits from letting mobile users in could turn out to be better than expected.

I have found a collection of great website build on WordPress to inspire you and prove that WordPress is taking new ground, even for business and corporate websites where people use business WordPress themes. If you know about a great website I should add here then please leave a comment.

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The University of Mary Washington


LEAD Enter next level



Hola Beew

Ramon Vazquez



Pogo Pictures

icon toucan



Kenny Saunders

Manche Maree

Dalton Hurd

Sweets in the City Chicago

Sheena Oosten

Night Owl Interactive


Collaborative Coaching


Combine Studio

Cuco Creative

Shady McGradys



Real Webdesigns

Viva la Coldplay


Amy Herndon Photography



Identity With Held

Henry Moyo

Sarah Defriend



Now Then Magazine


Looking for more information? If you need one of the Cute Tumblr Themes there is a lot of good ones to choose from. If you use Joomla 1.6 you also need a good Joomla 1.6 Template – we have gathered a list of great themes for you.

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