WordPress is by far the most popular content management system (CMS) ever. This open source platform serves millions of website owners and is said to run on than a quarter of all websites. What makes WordPress so special? It is simple to get started and use, has a huge and very loyal user base. Further there is a large community of dedicated developers delivering themes and plugins in any shape and form imaginable.  

50+ Useful WordPress ShortCode Plugins

With WordPress shortcode plugins, you can insert all kinds of functionality and layout elements into posts, pages, sliders, sidebars etc. with a small code. Many modern shortcode plugins even supply us with a shortcode inset tool making it so easy to do magic as part...

15+ Best WordPress Backup Plugins

WordPress is probably the easiest and most popular solution for building and maintaining a website or blog. Although WordPress was first intended to be a tool for bloggers, it is now widely used for business websites, online portfolios and even e-commerce solution....

40+ Useful WordPress CMS Themes

The great thing about WordPress is its ease of use and ease of setting up. Within 5 minutes, anyone with a bit of web know-how can have a good looking WordPress website going. The platform was originally aimed at blogging, but its flexibility and easy-to-use interface...

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