Photoshop line brushes comes in so many different styles and shapes and may be really useful in design work.

As an example, I think line brush sets are particularly good for adding borders and separators, but abstract lines are also handy for simulating light rays, audio waves, lightnings etc. Brushes with strait lines also find use in backgrounds as line patterns.

As you see, only creativity defines the limitations for how you can apply line brushes for Photoshop to your designs. Line brushes work well with e.g. sparkle brushes and brushes for light effects.

In this article, I have collected more or less any free Photoshop line brush set available inline. I am sure you will be able to add new brushes to your own collection from this resource. Please leave a comment with feedback and share the article with your friends.

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Abstract Line – 1st Brush Pack – MORE INFO


This set contains 16 brushes made with Photoshop CS3. Works with Photoshop 7 or higher.

Lines et squares – MORE INFO


This set has 6 different style of line brushes, each with 800 pxs, and both in vertical and horizontal (solid, dotted and dashed).

Grunge Lines Brushes – MORE INFO

Grunge Lines Brushes

This brushset only contains Grunge Lines with a SLANTING pattern in it. I really like this slanting effect! So, that’s why I made another brushset, more as bonus pack

Vector Line Brushes – MORE INFO


This set includes 16 Vector Line Brushes made with Photoshop CS2, 1280×1024 + 1280×2048 resolution.

Line brushes – MORE INFO


Dashed Line Brushes – MORE INFO


52 Dashed Line Brushes for Photoshop CS. Imagepacks available.

Doodle Line Brushes – MORE INFO


A set of doodle line Photoshop brushes.

Photoshop Audio Lines Brushes – MORE INFO


A set of new technical audio line brushes. These brushes can be used to create equalizer effects in Photoshop with ease.

Curf n Turf Brush Pack – MORE INFO


A set of abstract lines, waves and swirls.

Stripes Lines – MORE INFO


Messy Lines II- MORE INFO


This set contains 20 brushes for Photoshop CS or further. Imagepack also available.

Light Lines – MORE INFO


This set contains 12 line brushes.



A brush pack made for my tutorial Create a Mobile Phone Ad Design on psd.tuts+. Created in Illustrator, used in Sony Ericsson K610i.

Vector Line Brushes 2 – MORE INFO


This set was made with Photoshop CS2. 15 new brushes were added to the set, size are 2000×2000 & 1280x1024px.

Hi–res Flowing Line Brushes – MORE INFO


A set of 10 Hi-res flowing line brushes created with Adobe Illustrator CS4 and Photoshop CS4.

Dashed Line Brushes – MORE INFO


A set containing 18 Dashed line brushes.

Scan Line Brushes – MORE INFO


A set of scan line brushes compatible with CS and up, image packs included for other versions and programs.

Line brushes no. 2 – MORE INFO


Diagonal lines – MORE INFO


This set contains 17 diagonal line brushes. They are fairly big and suited for headers and wallpapers, but they also resize very well for icons. Files are in .abr format. Made in PS7, imagepack included.

crazy lines brushes- MORE INFO


A pack of 26 simple brushes, made with pen tool and dot/square brushes in PS CS2.

Dotted Line Brushes – MORE INFO


A pack of odd dotted line brushes made for Photoshop 7.0

Lightning Brushes by Kakefat- MORE INFO


This is a set of 15 lightning brushes. The brushes don’t have any blur and are just the core line of the electricity. This makes them better to use because you can add whatever effect you want to them.

Dashed Line Brushes – MORE INFO


A set of 30 dashed line brushes.

Paint Lines brushes – MORE INFO


Cut Here – MORE INFO


This set contains scissors and dotted line brushes. made in PS7.

Manga Brush Line – for Photoshop – MORE INFO


A set of Inking Brush Line for Photoshop.

More Dash Line Brushes – MORE INFO


Construction Line Brushes – MORE INFO


Brushes contained in this set ranges from 200px – 400px. Includes .zip, .jpg and .abr for Photoshop use.

Lines and ribbons – Sp. Edition – MORE INFO


This set contains 11 special edition brushes.

Circuit Lines – MORE INFO


These work as those kind of designs you see on circuit boards and also as underground train maps and as vector brushes for random designs. It contains 32 Brushes., 385-663 px. mostly about 600 px. Compatible to all versions of Photoshop.

Linear brush Pack 1 – MORE INFO


A brush pack of smooth lines. Made in Illustrator and for use in Photoshop.

Assorted Line Brushes – MORE INFO


This set contains 9 brushes.

Line Brushes – MORE INFO


Scan Lines – MORE INFO


A set of 15 Scan Lines brushes, including some random lines and two borders. File includes .abr file and Image Pack.

Curly Brushes + Img – MORE INFO


A set of 5 Photoshop brushes, handmade in Adobe Illustrator. The .zip contains an .abr file and 5 .png images with transparent background.

SimpleSwirls #1 Brushes- MORE INFO


A pack containing 17 brushes.

Straight Striped Lines Part. 3- MORE INFO


A pack of straight striped lines brushes for Photoshop 7.0. This is the last part of the brush set series called “Straight Lines Brushes”.

Line Brushes – MORE INFO


A set of 5 big line brushes.

Straight Grunge Line Brushes – MORE INFO

Straight Grunge Lines Brushes

Straight Grunge Lines Brushes Part.1 for Photoshop 7.0.

Floral Photoshop Brushes 4 – MORE INFO


Dirty Lines I – MORE INFO


A lot of new brushes, made with some lines, flower masks and splats. For Photoshop 8.0 or high. Imagepack included in .png format.

Line Brushes – MORE INFO


A set containing 4 line brushes.

Photo Lines Brushes- MORE INFO


Photo Lines Brushes for Photoshop 7.0, would be useful for designs/ art work.

curved lines – MORE INFO


A set of curved line brushes. 3 styles: single, mixed in groups, and groups with squared.

Straight Blurred Lines Brushes- MORE INFO


A set of straight blurred lines brushes for Photoshop 7.0. Suitable for a or a Grunge style or Tech style artwork.

3D Abstract Lines – MORE INFO


This pack contains 27 BIG (up to 2500px) brushes compatible with PS 7 and up.

Line brushes- MORE INFO


This set was made from PS7, compatible with other versions.

Gradient Designs Brushes- MORE INFO


A set of Photoshop brushes made up of various shapes and designs with gradients. It includes all kinds of things, from swirls and waves to sunburst effects, bubbles, tribal-like flames, and much more.

Tech Line Brushes – MORE INFO


A set of nice line brushes to enhance your abstract/vector work. For photoshop CS/CS2/CS3.

Glitter II Brushes – MORE INFO


A set of 38 Photoshop & GIMP brushes composed of various glitter and sparkles designs. These are all high resolution, with the average size being about 1500 pixels. This set includes “curtains” of glitter, lines and wavy lines of sparkles, various clusters of glitter and sparkles, glittery textures, several beautiful glittery swirls, a few individual glittery shapes, glitter “shooting out” from one source, and several glitter and sparkle scatter brushes. For Photoshop 7+, Photoshop Elements 2+, GIMP 2.2.6+

Splatter Line PS Brushes – MORE INFO


A set of 5 Different Splatters in 3 Different Sizes. For Photoshop 7.

Flowing Line Brushes – MORE INFO


This set is created with Adobe Illustrator CS and Photoshop CS

Pen Tool Brushes – MORE INFO


This set made for people with no graphics tablet yet and not quite ready to “ink” their Photoshop work.

Abstract Lines – MORE INFO


A set of 8 Extra Large Abstract Line Brushes This is made with Adobe Photoshop CS 3 & Illustrator CS 3, imagepack also included.

line002 – MORE INFO


This set contains 8 brushes for Photoshop 7.

Line Art Brushes – MORE INFO


Vector Curves PS 7.0 HQ – MORE INFO


This set contains vector curves in .abr format. Available for PS7 users.

Dash Line Brushes – MORE INFO


Dotted Lines Brushes – MORE INFO


10 large brushes with dotted lines. Made in Photoshop 7.

Phone Lines – MORE INFO


The set is composed of 23 brushes in .abr format. made for Photoshop CS. All brushes are designed in Adobe Illustrator. ImagePack included.

Swirl Lines – MORE INFO


20 + 1 bonus Swirl lines brushes made in CS4.

Speed Lines – MORE INFO


Digital Line Pattern Brushes – MORE INFO


Diagonal Line Pattern Brushes made in PS CS. Image Pack included

Dotted Line Brushes – MORE INFO


A set of dotted line brushes made using PS CS3, .abr and imagepack included.

Grunge Lines Brushes Part.1 – MORE INFO


This brushset contains 35 brushes for PS 7.0

Rounded Stripe Lines – MORE INFO


Dashed Line Brushes – MORE INFO


This is a set of brushes in the ‘dashed line’ style. They were made with Photoshop 7, imagepacks included.

Diagonal Stripe Brushes – MORE INFO


A set of 5 brushes in total, includes 2 thicker lined brushes and 3 thinner lined brushes (1 grunge, 1 splatter, and 1 normal). All are under 1000px.



This set contains 5 brushes + 2 basic. Made in Photoshop CS.

Messy Lines – MORE INFO


The set is composed by 15 messy line brushes in .abr format

Curled Marker Lines Brushes – MORE INFO


This set contains 11 Curled Marker Lines Brushes for Photosop 7.0.

Lines Brushes – MORE INFO


Starburst Brushes – MORE INFO


This set contains 2 brushes (1 big and 1 smaller line) for CS2 and up. Larger brushes are 1500 x 2122px in size.

Abstract Line Brushes – MORE INFO


A set containing abstract line brushes.

Cute Swirl Line Brushes – MORE INFO


This set includes 18 high quality brushes created in Photoshop CS5.

Curvy Lines – MORE INFO


A collection of curvy border lines. Includes 12 high resolution brushes for PS 7 in .abr format.

Line Brushes – MORE INFO


This set is a collection of solid and dotted lines made with CS2. Imagepacks included.

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